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Saving flow accumulation


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Dear all..

I am curious to know,can we save DEM flow accumulation which we calculated using TOPAZ Flow data before?

I mean,i want to save it into DXF or other Drawing file..

Thanx you very much..

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Yes, you can save the flow accumulation. When you compute TOPAZ flow data, you have the option of writing the files to a TEMP directory or to a specified directory. If you want to save your flow accumulation just so you don't have to rerun TOPAZ on the same DEM, then save the files to a specified directory.

In order to save the flow accumulation as a drawing file, follow these steps:

1. Change your flow accumulation threshhold value (Display Options | DEM Data | Min Accumulation For Display) until you have the right amount of stream detail.

2. Place an outlet on each stream network you would like to keep. WMS will convert all flow accumulation cells upstream of the outlet to stream arcs. If you want to convert all your flow accumulations cells to stream arcs, then simply place an outlet on the most downstream flow accumulation cell on each stream branch (which will probably be on the boundary of your DEM for each branch).

3. Change your flow accumulation cells to arcs (DEM | DEM->Stream Arcs)

4. Delete the DEM and any other data in your WMS project except the Drainage coverage

5. In the Map Module, select CAD | Data->CAD

6. Select File | Save As and save the file as a .dwg or .dxf, whichever you prefer.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

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