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SEAWAT, MT3DMS, Simulation Duration


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I have a SEAWAT simulation with the constituents in it. It was developed using GMS. I also saved the model in regular text based form of USGS. I am using this USGS format to conduct simulations. It has 44 stress periods. I want to run the simulation for a shorter duration (starting date does not change but only the ending date changes). I changed the number of time steps in .dis file (NPER) but simulation continues all the way to the end (44 stress periods). Then, I also changed the relevant time step information in .btn file (NPER – record 3, NPRS – record 16, TIMPRS(NPRS) -  record 17, record A21s) and then simulation does not progress. Can you please help me to run the simulation to run for a shorter duration in USGS form?

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