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I have a MODFLOW/SEAWAT with 12 layers. There are pumping wells in the model that runs through multiple layers (the screens go through multiple layers). Please see how I included the well information in the conceptual model. These wells are supposed to be screen through layer 6 through 8 and each pump is supposed to extract 757 m3/day as you can see.


I saved the model in the native text format also in the model set up so that I can also run the model in the command prompt. When I look through the .wel file I noticed the pumping rates are assigned in the following way in the grid cells. It looks like each layer at a given pumping location (grid cells with same i and j) are assigned with the pumping rate provided in the conceptual model. If that is the case, each pumping well is pumping three times the rate that was assigned in the conceptual model.  When I assigned the pumping rate in the conceptual model, I was imagining that this 757.6 rate will be divided among the three layers.  Please let me know if I have assigned the pumping rates correctly in the conceptual model? 


Thank you,






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Hi Lalith,

this is because you used layer range. If you use Screen Top/Bot GMS will use different algorithm and the amount specified will be total for entire well. Or you could just leave it as Layer range and set the Q value as 1/3 of the total rate (if the well is set in 3 layers). I belive this is intentional GMS feature.

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