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how to change display order (GMS6.5)


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This problem concerned when display multiple plots (contour, filled cell etc.).

When display cell face based on data value, plot from 2D scatter data will alway be shaded (hiden).

How to change display order, or pull plot from back to front?

For example, display 2D scatter data on the 3D cell face plot.

For contour plot, its transparency may be adjusted, and other plot hiden behind it then shows up.

But cell face (filled plot) option does not have the menu to set the transparency or change display order.

Please help out.

thanks in advance.

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The display of 3D data, which includes 2D scatter data (the Z is the data set value), is determined by the coordinates of the data. So if the 2D scatter point is hidden by the faces of the 3D grid then that means that the 3D grid cell face is in front of the 2D scatter point. If you want the scatter points to show up you could create a new data set with values so that you can insure that the 2D scatter points will be on top of (or in front of) the 3D grid cell faces.

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