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Improving Model Run Time


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I don't know if this should be under the MODFLOW directory, but I have been trying to see if I can speed up my GMS runs.  I have a GMS MODFLOW model that is taking about an hour to run and I would like to shorten that run time.  I see that I am using about 2.5% of my CPU utilization and I am running about 300 kB/s in disk access time, well below the capacity of the CPU or disk.

I have a dual processore Xeon system with 12 cores for each processor running at 3.2GHz.  My disk drive is 4-2TB M.2 NVME SSD's running in a Raid 0 array in a PCIe slot.  The system has 256GB of RAM.   This configuration gives me about an hour run time for the model.

I tried loading the whole model into a 90Gig RAM Disk on the same machine, and the run time was basically the same. 

As a comparison, I ran the same model on my laptop that has 16GB of RAM and a single 1TB NVME drive and a single i7 4 core processor.  The model actually ran about 10% faster on my laptop than on my workstation.

What is the slow link in the model execution?  It doesn't seem to be CPU or disk access.  Is there anything that I could do (hardware wise) to speed the model run up?

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The slow link in the model execution is most probably that you are not using a parallel version of MODFLOW (Check option in MODFLOW Global/Basic Package) or a not parallelised solver (LMG or PCGN). 2 x 12 processors = 24 processors - makes a max. of 4% usage per core if not parallelised...

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