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scalar paving with barriers

Mark Prater

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I have been using "scalar paving density" to develop my meshes, using a scatter point file constructed outside of SMS that contains my "ideal" meshsize distribution throughout the domain. That has worked very well up until now. I am now incorporating island barriers, and have a *.cst formatted file with the barrier points. I can construct my barrier points to match up on opposite sides of the barrier, but if I use the scalar paving density method to construct my mesh, the barrier points (nodes) have all shifted, and I no longer have a one-to-one coorespondance of nodes on either side of the barrier.

My initial question is: can I use the scalar paving method AND keep specified points fixed (like along my barriers)?

If not, then how to I reconcile this two, possibily incompatible, goals?


-- Mark

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The only way I can think of to do this right now in SMS is to:

1. Create a buffer zone polygon around each of your islands you don't want to redistribute

2. Build polygons

3. Set the buffer zone polygon to use paving instead of scalar paving

Now when you perform Map->2D mesh, the outer polygon boundary will redistribute, but your inner polygon boundary will not.

- John

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