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WMS 8.1 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

270-12/2/2008-12/4/2008-Delineate Crash

791-11/4/2008-12/4/2008-The Display Order options on the Display Options window don't work

134-10/23/2008-12/3/2008-Define Land Use and Soil Data step in Wizard not working with GSSHA Model Coverage in 9.0

273-12/2/2008-12/3/2008-File IO problem when assigning reservoirs to MODRAT diversions

102-10/7/2008-12/2/2008-WMS crashes when color fill contouring a 2D grid and then dragging the WMS window to my other monitor

118-10/17/2008-12/2/2008-Problem reading DEMs

115-10/16/2008-12/2/2008-Contouring issue - all contour appear the same color (red)

131-10/22/2008-12/2/2008-Saving shapefile .prj files

136-10/23/2008-12/1/2008-WMS 9.0 crashes when clicking "Compute Index Mapping Tables" in the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard

4-7/9/2008-12/1/2008-Installation issues with copy protection and new demo password generation.

194-11/7/2008-11/25/2008-change xmdf file extension from .wpr to .wms

152-10/28/2008-11/20/2008-Computing rational method hydrographs triggers a bunch of graphics asserts in WMS 8.1

174-11/4/2008-11/18/2008-WMS disappears in the HSPF tutorial (Vol V, Ch 1) when reading in littlecotton.wpr

218-11/12/2008-11/17/2008-DEM display shifts when creating feature arcs

877-11/4/2008-11/17/2008-WMS kills itself upon completion of Tutorial 2-2, section 2.2.3, step 7 or 8.

38-8/7/2008-11/14/2008-Can't edit culvert parameters - Zack Young

146-10/27/2008-11/14/2008-WMS 8.1 crashes when placing interior outlets

135-10/23/2008-11/14/2008-When opening a GSSHA project in WMS 9.0, the wizard should set the current model to be GSSHA

145-10/27/2008-11/14/2008-TIN display bug in WMS 8.1 - entire tin shifts when closing a feature arc

150-10/28/2008-11/14/2008-WMS 8.1 crashes when adding subbasins and re-delineating after having computed a CN

870-11/4/2008-11/14/2008-GSSHA Rain Gage File I/O Bug

190-11/7/2008-11/13/2008-DEM contouring on screen is reversed (canyons are shown as ridges and ridges as canyons)

224-11/13/2008-11/13/2008-Polygon and DEM point selection does not update correctly in graphics window

182-11/6/2008-11/13/2008-Canceling out of TOPAZ Units dialog still writes out a TOPAZ elevation file

123-10/21/2008-11/13/2008-Embankment Arc Profile Editor has several bugs (at least 9) in 9.0

851-11/4/2008-11/13/2008-WMS Crashes when trying to create shapefiles from these coverages

857-11/4/2008-11/13/2008-Embankment dialog does not change arc elevations when creating a vertical curve

692-11/4/2008-11/12/2008-HMS | Compute Grid Parameters does not seem to work for computing SMA grid parameters

196-11/10/2008-11/10/2008-Cannot define GSSHA link break nodes with erodible cross section stream arcs

More information is available on the xmswiki.com site.


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