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Pumping Cell Going Dry


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Did you just change your first post which asked about pumping a cell dry?

I started to write an answer and then it appears you may have figured things out.

The wetting factor is something you choose based on how much change you want to see in your calculated head. Hn is the head in neighboring/adjacent cells. Therefore, if Hn of an adjacent cell is above the sum of the absolute value of the wetdry flag and the cell bottom, the cell will be rewetted based on the formula selected. By making the wetting factor 0.5 (and using the equation with Hn), the cell which is rewetted jumps from no water to half of what is in the neighboring cell.

Note that rewetting is not easy to control due to those fluctuations, so it is often a last resort.

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Hi, yes I did just change it. Thanks for responding. I guess that I was working too late. The answer was obvious, I wasent taking the pourosity into account.

But I did have a second question which I entered. Is Hn the largest head of the neighboring cells or the average? And is the wetting iteration interval how often the cell is checked? So a 1 would have the cell checked every iteration?

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For the Hn question (largest vs. avg), I don't know - I would have to look up how the algorithms work, but I'm thinking that it might perform separate calculations for each condition where an adjacent cell's Hn is above the threshold and use these results along with other stresses to determine the final cell head.

You are correct on the iteration interval.

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