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Bruce Campbell

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Hi -- I have a 3 layer MODFLOW model that I want to calibrate with horizontal hydraulic conductivity pilot points. I can put the pilot points in 1 or 2 layers and can do a forward run (outside of GMS in a DOS window) with no problems but when I put the pilot points in all 3 layers I get the following error message:

Allocation of arrays X, Z, IX, and XHS failed

Returned error message number: 41

Any ideas would be helpful.

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I don't have any ideas on this specifically, but find it to be a strange/funny coincidence that you posted about an "Allocation of arrays" error the day after someone else did. Granted, it was a different error number, but keep it in mind that, if nothing obvious is discovered, it may be a programming bug for the latest build.

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I got this fixed with a reply from Alan Lemon on the MODFLOW forum. His fix was:

Most likely your model is too big for the compiled version of MODFLOW you are using.

If you model is transient and you are using GMS I would suggest that you first go to the output control package and turn off "Enable saving of computed flows for all source/sink objects". This often does the trick.

Worked like a charm!

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