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I'm monitoring a model and I can see that the peaks of my hydrographs have passed.  There are still several hours of model to run.  If I "Abort" the model, will I be able to post process and review the model simulation data that has been calculated.  I should have investigated this earlier, but now with the model having run for hours, I don't want to lose that information.

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pagesk, if you abort the simulation, you would lose the results since SRH-Post would not run and give you the final _XMDF.dat file. 

I found myself in a similar situation once and found that you can override the original simulation end time by using the _DIP.dat file. See Appendix C of the SRH-2D user manual Page 91

https://www.usbr.gov/tsc/techreferences/computer software/models/srh2d/downloads/Manual-SRH2D-v2.0-Nov2008.pdf

The process would look like this:

1. while srh is running, open the _DIP.dat file in a text editor

2. copy and paste in the start and end lines as well as the command to override the total simulation time (see below for example, this would override the simulation end time and make it stop at hour 9)




3. Save the text file, SRH will then read it and override the end time

Note: If you will run the simulation again and do not wish for it to stop at that override time, you need to manually delete the lines in the file added in step 2 above, or delete the _DIP.dat file.


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