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Hello guys,

I am still a junior in wms and need a help? how can I know which hydrologic model is better to create hydrograph for a watershed  ??? and I have some gauge stations and still not quite sure how to add their depth values to wms interface?

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I'd recommend making a rain gage coverage and add points to that coverage.  In each point's attributes, you can assign the rain gage data to each location.  You would normally assign a rainfall amount for a particular storm from the IDF curves along with some kind of rainfall distribution.  All this information can be assigned in the point attributes in the rain gage coverage.  If your rain gage coverage is defined and you have a watershed that you've delineated in WMS, WMS computes the gage weights for each sub-basin in your watershed when you compute the basin data.


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Dear Chris, @Chris Smemoe

in wms , I created new coverage type  rain gauge and  inputted  depth values  in mm for 12 rain gauge stations of one watershed : I wanna create hydrograph using HEC-1 model to find the peak discharge value of the watershed based on these depths values of the stations  for a return period of 2 years and 5 min duration . I simulated the model and got the hydrograph . but the problem is the hydrograph shows no discharge (flat curve ) as shown in the enclosed picture here 

why does that ? ?? please notice the precipitation depths in the first picture.( the curve number of the watershed is 90, and the initial abstraction (Ia) according to CN is 5.66 mm, I can find answer with you ? thanks in advance! 




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