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WMS 8.1 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

173-10/31/2008-11/4/2008-WMS 8.1 Crashes upon completion of step 20, section 4.5.1 of the Volume II, Chapter 4 Tutorial. (HEC-HMS Interface)

144-10/24/2008-10/31/2008-WMS 8.1 soil legend is squished

167-10/30/2008-10/30/2008-Crash saving coordinate system metadata with DEM

113-10/14/2008-10/23/2008-WMS disappears upon double clicking on the flood.wpr file in the "open" file dialog.

133-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-When moving basin labels the heads of the arrows are quite large on my computer (The WMS testing machine).

114-10/14/2008-10/23/2008-Upon Opening the run1.wpr file in Volume 3, Chapter 3 Tutorial WMS Crashes.

637-10/31/2008-10/31/2008-Error upon saving file from the Volume 1 Chapter 3 Tutorial.

876-10/30/2008-10/30/2008-WMS kills itself upon completion of Tutorial 2-1, section 1.3.5, step 7.

345-10/30/2008-10/30/2008-Observation coverage does nothing

860-10/30/2008-10/30/2008-Problems editing/saving/writing vertical curve weir data from a hydraulic structure point

837-10/29/2008-10/29/2008-CE-QUAL-W2 issues

283-10/29/2008-10/29/2008-Georeferencing is wrong for images saved with collar cropped

816-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-WMS 8.1 Freezes in the Tc Wizard when rainfall depth is not entered.

817-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-Hydrographs not visible near end of MODRAT-3 GIS Tutorial.

829-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-WMS 8.1 gives a lot of asserts when removing flat triangles on TINs

315-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-Saving Basin Only Projects

359-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-WMS can't find HSPF LT executable

855-10/28/2008-10/28/2008-Problem with clearing selections when selecting an item in the project explorer

826-10/27/2008-10/27/2008-Bug in setting min and max contour intervals for Cumulative Rainfall Data

868-10/27/2008-10/27/2008-Copy and paste error within WMS spreadsheets when commas are used

849-10/27/2008-10/27/2008-Crash after importing TIN file (RELEASE VERSION ONLY)

858-10/24/2008-10/24/2008-Swap edges tool is MESSED UP

383-10/24/2008-10/24/2008-Cross Section computational stations remain at 0.0 when extracting Cross sections for SMPDBK

862-10/24/2008-10/24/2008-Interpolation method other than IDW causes crash

832-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-TR-55 spreadsheet labels are always dimmed

836-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-Can't cancel out of contour options if min countour value is greater than max value

838-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-Bug In CE-QUAL-W2 Tutorial block: Measure tool in segments dialog resets length to zero

830-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-Building polygons around streams assigns polygons the wrong type

137-10/23/2008-10/23/2008-Right-click option in spreadsheets

145-10/22/2008-10/22/2008-TR-20 Reservoir Data

77-10/22/2008-10/22/2008-Displaying arc after reading in TIN

764-10/21/2008-10/21/2008-Vista Problem: wmsnff.exe crashes in Windows Vista

871-10/21/2008-10/21/2008-Can we make the model wrapper resizable?

872-10/21/2008-10/21/2008-Outflow Sedograph Plot Window bug

869-10/20/2008-10/20/2008-GSSHA Soil Erosion dialog needs units

562-10/20/2008-10/20/2008-Error appears when saving HEC-1 file with average precip defined

870-10/20/2008-10/20/2008-GSSHA Rain Gage File I/O Bug

854-10/17/2008-10/17/2008-GSSHA Multi-gage interpolation methods remain dimmed after importing a Multi-gage file

807-10/17/2008-10/17/2008-Error writing curve number dataset when writing HEC-HMS file

821-10/16/2008-10/16/2008-Static Text String for file path in Convert Grids dialog is too short

840-10/16/2008-10/16/2008-Units for Wetland polygons do not match units reported on the gsshawiki

811-10/16/2008-10/16/2008-Map Drawing Fonts will crash if non-standard fonts used

740-10/15/2008-10/15/2008-Hydrographs not shown in the Volume 2 - Chapter 4 (HEC-1) Tutorial

172-10/15/2008-10/15/2008-Tree right click menus bug, with "Change module when tree selection changes" off

206-10/15/2008-10/15/2008-DEM delineation and redistributing arcs

822-10/15/2008-10/15/2008-Bug in Contour Options dialog

772-10/14/2008-10/14/2008-Film loops do not work

815-10/14/2008-10/14/2008-Map Attributes Dialog Crash

825-10/14/2008-10/14/2008-Incremental Rainfall dataset shows the wrong dates and times in the properties window

828-10/14/2008-10/14/2008-Bug when viewing values from Hydrograph Plots

814-10/13/2008-10/13/2008-WMS crashes when double clicking on GSSHA embankment arc "low points"

865-10/13/2008-10/13/2008-Problem reading HEC-RAS Solution, crash when reading WMS 8.1 project file into WMS 9.0

820-10/13/2008-10/13/2008-Bugs in Volume 2, Tutorial 7 of GSSHA Training course

873-10/13/2008-10/13/2008-Virtual Earth gives you errors

824-10/10/2008-10/10/2008-Bug in Convert Grids dialog

827-10/10/2008-10/10/2008-Error when Importing Grids for GSSHA : "Error Reading Scalar Binary File"

859-10/10/2008-10/10/2008-Crash when selecting gssha hydraulic structures

852-10/10/2008-10/10/2008-GSSHA bug: GW_INIT_MOISTURE card not needed, not recognized by GSSHA

856-10/10/2008-10/10/2008-Web Services Dialog - Tutorials Vol II, Ch 1, Section 1.3.3

846-10/9/2008-10/9/2008-Problem displaying adverse slopes in GSSHA coverage

864-10/9/2008-10/9/2008-GSSHA Stochastic run dialog crashes after reading GSSHA project file

351-10/6/2008-10/6/2008-Tutorial files for tutorial 3 (basic feature objects)

354-10/3/2008-10/3/2008-Typo in new tutorials

More information is available on the xmswiki.com site.


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