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Elevation Interpolation


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I don't know if this is the right place to ask for a feature in SMS, but I thought that I would anyway :). Would it be possible to have an interpolation that conserved volume within elements. The interpolation of bathymetry onto a grid requires numerous different things to be balanced but on the current model that I working with the major issue was linked to the lack of volume conservation when interpolating the bathymetry. In a structured grid this is quite simple as the volume within each square element is simple to compute and then assigning this to a point in the middle of that cell. I know it is harder to do for unstructured meshes but it would provide better 'solutions' within models if this option were at least available. In my current model using bathymetry with volume conserved placed an amphirdromic point in the right spot, where as when volume was not conserved the amphridromic point was moved from that point and my answer looked awful :(.

I hope you get the idea from my poor explanation :).



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