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scripting possibilities

Werner Macho

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Hi all!

I've a suggestion.to make!

Is it possible to integrate some kind of scripting (makros?)

As Example: We have one model calculated in many different ways (different versions)

For every version I calculate I have to do the same .. load the model - load the .dat file - prepare the "Dataset Contour Options" - calculate some things in the Data Calculator - colour it nicely ... and so on.

Is there any possibility to have some kind of "script-engine" integrated to do it automagically?


Load "c:\water.dat"

calculate water - elevation = waterlevel [range 0m-6m; colour lightblue-darkblue]

it only needs to be simple - but for a model with 20 different version it would take only a decent time to write the script and calculate the output (with no possibility of doing mistakes) in a few clicks.

And (with included loading of colour palettes) it would have the benefit that all variants would look the same way to compare them.

Would that be possible? Is there a page where i can deposit my wish?



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