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GMS crashed and unable to launch anymore


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It happens since GMS 10.4.6, both on me and my colleague.  

We were working on a huge project and sometimes the software just crash when it updates the display or saving. 

Sometimes crashing wouldn't hurt anything we can easily restart the software

But sometimes after crashing the software can't be launched. If you check with the Task manager, you could see when you open the software, the process shows in the task manager for several seconds and then disappears.  

We've tried to repair the software by the installation file, reinstall the software,  even removing the registry form, but none of them helps. 

The only solution is to  reinstall the operating system. ( currently we use windows 10, it previously happened in Win 7 also)


Anyone encountered the same problem? Any solution that easier than removing the whole operating system. 

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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