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I tried to create the IG wave spectrum based on a windsea standard directional spectrum defined in SMS, utilizing the IG Wave Toolbox of CGWAVE under SMS 9.2. However, the wave energy of the generated IG spectrum seems to be too high.

The input windsea spectrum is a TMA spectrum characterized by Hs=3.0m and Tp=7.0sec (gamma=3.3 and nn=4) with 30 frequency and 30 directional components.

The correponding *.spf file was created at the IG Wave Toolbox by selecting the above spectrum.

The followind data were entered in the IG Wave Toolbox:

Offshore water depth: 50m

Nearshore water depth: 6.0m

Lower long wave period cutoff: 20sec

Upper long wave period cutoff: 120sec

Number of frequency components: 30

Max wave direction: 130 deg

Min wave direction: 130 deg

Number of wave directions: 1

The frequency interval of the generated IG spectrum is constant. The number of the frequency components is 40 rather than 30, while the resulting IG wave energy (mo=1/2 * sum of squares of amplitudes) is 4.95 m2 which corresponds to an Hs about 8.9m!

I would very much appreciate your comments / assistance in the correct implementation of the IG wave toolbox.

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