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Sediment Transport Coefficients: Wilcock-Crowe


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Hi all,
 I am in the midst of publishing a paper for a journal publication. To get right to the point, a reviewer asked me to differentiate between the Parker (1990) sed transport equation and the Wilcock-Crowe (2003) equation in the context of the model. The Parker coefficients have no shortage of explanations in most publications but  The input coefficients for the Wilcock Crowe equation are less clear. They are listed as follows:
Wilcock T1 coefficient = 0.021
Wilcock T2 coefficient = 0.036
Does anyone know what the "T1" and "T2" coefficients are related to? I checked the wiki and all it does is list these coefficients and gives no explanation. A google search also leaves me empty handed. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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For those of you that happen upon a similar question that I had:  

 Three  parameters may be entered: T1, T2, D_sand. T1 and T2 are used to compute the reference Shields parameter THETA used in the Parker (1990) equation: THETA = T1+(T2-T1)*Exp(-20F_sand), where F_sand is the fraction of sediments on the bed surface finer than the diameter specified by D_sand in mm. The default values of the three are T1 = 0.021, T2 = 0.036, and D_sand = 1.0.

This is a direct excerpt from Dr. Lai's current work on his sediment transport manual that will be coming out soon.

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