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MODFLOW-USG *.hed file formatted incorrectly


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Hi all,

I Created a US Grid for a former MODFLOW 2005 model. When trying to run the model the executable crashed and the error message is *.hed file formatted incorrectly.

When I look at the hed file, it is empty (0 KB). checking the simulation before running results with no errors.

Any suggestions ?




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So, it sounds like things were working okay, but then you changed a condition and it crashed, right?  Does it tell you that error just as it crashes, or after you close the window telling you the model status?  GMS defaults to trying to pull in the model solution, so if there was no .hed file generated (due to the model crashing), it isn't a shock that it gives you that error.  If that is the case, you just need to figure out why changing that condition caused your model to crash (actually, that is what you need to do either way). GMS won't necessarily tell you why a crash happened, but it can give you clues as to where the problem is in the model (look at your output file and/or the model status window as the model is running).


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