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WMS 8.1 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

  1. The NFF (National Flood Frequency) database has been converted to the newer NSS (National Streamflow Statistics) database in WMS 8.1.
  2. A problem running GSSHA in "batch" mode has been fixed.
  3. A problem in web services with converting data to anything other than NAD 83 has been fixed.
  4. "File Import Wizard - Step 1 of 2" Dialog freezes upon clicking next in the Vol 1 Ch 5 tutorial has been fixed.
  5. Arc Selection Problem - Tutorials - Volume 1, Chapter 6, Section 6.2.3, step4 has been fixed.
  6. Tutorials, Volume II, Chapter 1, Section 1.3, step 4 - mixed units in "Units" dialog has been fixed.
  7. Terra Server creates an error in the Volume III, Chapter 1, Tutorial has been fixed.
  8. Tutorials, Volume III, Chapter 3, Section 3.4.2, Step 6 - Z Scale Combo Box inactive has been fixed.
  9. Penman Evapotranspiration method parameters not displaying in Mapping Tables (GSSHA) has been fixed.
Because NFF has been replaced by NSS in WMS 8.1, you may need to uninstall NFF from your computer before installing the update to WMS 8.1. It would also be a good idea to install NSS on your computer, though this should not be necessary. More information is available on the xmswiki.com site.


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