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Converting Volume of Inflow to general Head


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Hello Everyone

I have a issue with defining inflow rate to related cells. I have the total volume of inflow for each month (i want make a time series general head), but i dont know how i should define the head of the 2 points of inflow line & amount of conductivity  correctly. (for example the volume of inflow is 110 MCM & the length of inflow line is 97 KM and Average elevation of area is 1900 m)

If anyone can help me it would be great.

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I think what you are trying to achieve could be done only aproximately, because you only have to assume what the head in the model will be. Anyway, for a given cell

Qb = cb (hb - h), where

Qb is the flow into the cell from the source
cb is the conductance between external source and the cell
hb is the head assigned to the external source and
h is the model calculated head in the reference cell

You problably have measured hb, so I would calculate cb this way:

cb = Qb / (hb-h)

But as I said, you can only assume what the value of h will be.

Maybe calibrating the model against the measured flow could be a better practice.

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