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Exceeding the Maximum Interior Angle with Mesh Quality

Michael Kimbro

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I keep exceeding the interior angle in my mesh quality. I have increased and decreased the number of vertices without any significant changes. How can I reduce or correct the problem. The channel is steep. I have included two screenshots to show this. I am focusing on the model one problem at a time. I will add the culvert after I get the mesh quality solved. As a side note, the model fails to converge and stops early even with an extremely small time stamp of 0.1 sec which takes several hours to run.



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Donald is right, you may have better luck with using the source arc redistribution for those bends in the channel. See the following wiki for more details: Source Arc Redistribution

The problematic elements are likely the tight group of skewed elements I've circled in the image below:


The other elements that are flagged could also be improved (and will be with source arc redistribution), but I wouldn't expect them to be the problem.


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I did use the source arc method and it did reduce the number of problem areas substantial. In the past, I had redistributed the vertices in the arcs in a ridiculously fine pattern, thinking that would solve it, but it did not. The source arc redistribution, changed the way the Patch Section connected to each other. While this did help out with the exceeding the interior angle problem, my model still will not converge. I may post about that in a new post. I do not want to get off topic. Thanks for the help.

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