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In relation to my earlier post of RMA2 wetting/drying problems I now have a new question. I have two data sets, one from RMA2 (having 'dry' elements of water depth less than x metres) and the corresponding RMA4 solution. I eliminate from RMA4 contour plots the 'dry' elements by calculating variable c:=c*max(0,wd-x)/(wd-x) which gives concentration 0 where water depth (wd) is below x and c elsewhere. This works OK for any given time step, but when I try to do it for all steps by c:all*max(0,wd:all-x)/(wd:all-x), SMS gives error message 'Time steps in data sets do not match up'.

Indeed, as an example, if I run the models (cold start) for 100 steps with 6 hours time step the data sets are

steps beg.time end time

RMA2 100 0 594

RMA4 100 6 600

I added one step to RMA2 solution to make the end times match by running RMA2 for 101 steps but this didn't help. Is there a way to either eliminate hour=0 from RMA2 solution or to add the initial state (hour=0) to RMA4 solution (if this would help)?

Once again, any help will be appreciated.



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To eliminate hour=0 from the RMA2 solution follow these steps:

1. Convert your RMA2 mesh and solution data sets to a scatter set

2. Once you have a scatter set with the data sets, you can reinterpolate the data sets back to the mesh and use the "multiple time steps" option to eliminate the extra time step.

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