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Greetings everyone,

I am somewhat new to GMS and have made my way through a number of the tutorials, but I am struggling with setting up a SEAWAT model. I want to create a 2D cross section of a coastal aquifer with the elevation of the top of the model decreasing from left to right, reaching 0 meters at the shoreline (MSL). I have a measured elevation profile (in .txt format) of the study area (X and Z). My question is how to set up a 2D cross sectional domain in the X and Z direction (Y would be 1 meter into the page). Is there a way to define the model domain in cross-sectional view using the conceptual approach, and import the X and Z data to define the top of the model? I suspect the scatter point tools will be used (Interpolate to->MODFLOW Layers) , but it seems not possible to define the model boundaries and boundary conditions in cross sectional view.

Thank you!

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