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Dear all,

i have ever simulated an area using an older version of WMS (version 7.0)

i think its about a year ago.

i was trying to simulate about 11 squaremile of area in WMS v.7.0. i delineated the watershed using TOPAZ calculation. i find a difficulties while delineating them. (the sub basin area).

the point is, is there any limitation or maximum cell size or area that WMS are capable to handle?how much is the maximum value, or maximum area?

what about the new version (WMS 8.1)?would somebody describe the limitation?

thank you very much for your attention



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There is no limitation on minimum or maximum DEM cell size or watershed area in WMS. Since the DEM is stored in your computer's memory (RAM), the only limitation is that the amount of memory WMS uses to store your DEM must be less than the amount of memory on your computer. Of course, your computer's processor speed could also be a limitation. If your DEM is too large, it will take too long to display the DEM and to run TOPAZ.

A rule of thumb I use is that if it takes more than 5 minutes to run TOPAZ, you probably need to thin out your DEM points by reading every 2nd or 3rd point instead of every single point. You can do this by entering a thinning factor greater than 1 in the Import DEMs dialog. More help and discussion on how to do this is located here.


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