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Time Varying recharge and evapotranspiration


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I have a transient MODFLOW 2000 model in GMS 6.0 whereby my values for recharge (REC) and evapotranspiration (ET) rate and extinction depth vary every thirty days for 4500 days.

I enter the REC and ET values and save the project, both with and without executing MODFLOW, to my local disk, a USB drive, and a CD/RW.

I close GMS and then reopen the project and check the values for my REC and ET; the REC and ET values stored in the respective REC and ET tables or matrix seem okay for the first 10 or so stress periods but later stress periods have REC and ET that are only vaguely similar to what I first entered (regardless if I have ran MODFLOW or not).

Is there some trick in saving time varying REC and ET values?

Thank you.


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