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Refining a regional steady-state model where the local grid boundary intersects rivers and drains (see image). I went through the tutorials for SS refinement. This model departs from that example in a couple of ways - flow field is not nicely uniform in area; and MF BCs are intersected.  I created 4 arcs initially to set up the boundary of the local model. Then I started to wing it - created nodes at each intersection of 1' head contours to map constant heads to the arcs but I'm thinking that may not be the best way to go.

Any suggestions on a strategy for mapping the heads and the BCs to the local model are much appreciated.



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Hi Ted,

There are 3 approaches.

1. BC's are marked in red dots can also be specified along red lines. Model will try to better interpolate. the BC's.


2. You can go bit further in this approach as follows by specifying heads along contour lines (basically digitization). If your contour lines are in the form of either CAD or GIS shapefiles, then you can convert them to a line feature easily and specify them as Specified Heads (for All layers or selected layer range). You need to activate the layer range for that if you have multiple layers. 




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