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How to input storm in RMA2


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Dear all:

Who has the experience of modeling RMA2 wind field with storm input, BWS card?

Couple of questions about BWS card:

(1) Do I have to put BWS card at each time step for a dynamic simulation?

(2) What reference node, NREF and TREF really represent?

(3) How the wind field is calculated based on the inputs?



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I just wanted to make sure you had seen on page 120 of the Users Guide To RMA2 Version 4.5, "To date, the two-dimensional Mississippi River Gulf Outlet study (1991) is the only application at WES in which storms were used to provided the wind stress. Because of lack of experience in this area, this feature remains experimental."

What are you attempting to model? Have you looked into the model ADCIRC? It is commonly used where wind is important, such as for Hurricane simulations.

- John

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