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UZF and Modflow NT and MT3DUSGS

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When using Modflow NWT and the UZF package and MT3DUSGS the following bug is present in GMS 10.3.7:

Specifying the source concentrations in Constant Head cells and NOT as Recharge Concentration
The parameters INCUZF and INCUWET (Items 7 and 9 in the input manual for sum package in Mt3DUSGS) must be specified in the SSM package for each recharge period as negative numbers otherwise as it is MT3DUSGS crashes because when they are missing it expects to read recharge concentration 
Here is a zip file of the model in which the correct sum package has been renamed sim.good and the one resulting from the file save in GMS is named ssm
To fix this as GMS is now, one has to map the conceptual model to MT3dUSGS, save the model, manually add the two records for each stress period and run without saving


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