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Monte Carlo for Vertical Slice of the Aquifer

Saubhagya Singh

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Dear Forum Members, 

I am trying to perform Monte-Carlo simulation in a vertical slice of the aquifer (x-z plane). I want to generate around 100 realizations of the spatially-correlated hydraulic-conductivity random field in 2D (x-z plane). Then I want to solve flow and transport for each realization and analyze the ensemble of results. I explored options in GMS and this is what I found out (correct me if I am wrong):

1) Stochastic Modeling Option:  It is not possible to generate 2D field (spatially varying K values) using this option. 

2) Interpolation using 2D Scatter Point Tool: This only allows to generate conditional realizations (kriging). I couldn't see a way to generate unconditional realizations. Also, this tool works only in plane view, hence random field can be generated only in the x-y plane. I want to generate fields in x-z plane. 

Hence, it seems my only option is to generate K fields outside of GMS, importing K fields and solving cases one by one. Please, let me know if there is any other efficient way to perform this. 

Thank You


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