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Convert to Land Use Grid using tiff file


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I had been using WMS version 10.1.  In that version, I was able to read in a .tiff file in the "GIS Data" folder in Project Explorer.  From there I would right-click the file and select, "Convert to Land Use Grid".  The program would then read it as a Grid file in the Map Data folder below Coverages.   

Now with WMS 11.0 version, I do not have the "Convert to Land Use Grid" or "Convert to Soil Type Grid" as options available in the menu after right-clicking on the .tiff file.

I do have those options if I get Land Use data from the map server, but not if I export it from ArcMap as a .tif file.  I made sure it was an 8-bit pixel depth file when loading into WMS GIS Data just as is the .tif file one would get from the Map Server.

Is there a reason or a work-around?  Can you fix this?  It seems like a minor omission. 


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Which version of WMS 11.0 are you using?  Are you using the most recent update (Built around May 3rd)?

To convert to a land use grid, WMS is looking for a raster with a single band of data that has a color palette.  I don't think the values have to be 8-bit, but they usually are if there's a color palette.  If you have a way to export a color palette from ArcGIS with your .tif file, WMS should recognize this as something that can be converted to a Land Use Grid.


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