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GMS - Assign General Head Values to different Aquifers

Jonathan Gabriel Jene

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I'm currently using the Conceptual Model Approach to assign General Head Values to my Modflow-Model. I have two main aquifers, separated by a confining unit and I want to assign different head values for each. Since my grid expands over about 500 cells in vertical direction every aquifer extends over several grid layers, but height is not consistent over the whole domain.

Is there any approach like assigning head values to materials?

Thank you a lot, Jonathan

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Hi Jonathan,

I was dealing with similar issue some time ago. There is not a satisfying way how to do it in GMS. The solution depends on the complexity of the task, but it involves grid level approach. You can isolate cells by material, select boundary cells by intersecting with boundary Arc (from Top view, Orto off) and adding a Sink/Source term. In some situtions it may be convenient to map BC form conceptual model to all layers and delete from grid where appropriate. This works if the boundaries do not overlap. Or you can modify the Package outside GMS with some script.

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Please assign two coverages in your conceptual model. One for each set of layers that requires unique GH at the boundary. Assign "layer range" and head properties appropriately as shown below. Please also assign "Default Layer Range" at the bottom in each coverage as you need. For example, one general head boundary condition for the layers 2 to 5 can be assigned in the set up below. Multiple coverages like can be set up in the conceptual model as necessary.


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