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Boost. Geometry overlay invalid input exception


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Hi there,

When I want to map my conceptual model on UGrid (Unstructured Grid) , it works till 6% and then it shows the following error:

"Boost. Geometry overlay invalid input exception"

I stuck in this step and I need your precious help. Any points would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your time and help.

GMS UGrid Model.JPG

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Include screenshot from my GMS UGrid model
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Dear Bri,

Thanks for your reply.

As you mentioned, there were some dangling arcs and I corrected them and now I have another problem.

When I want to map my TRANSIENT conceptual model on 3D UGrid (Unstructured Grid) , it works till 60% and then it looks it stopped and never reach to 100%.

I checked the same step for 3D finite difference grid to make sure that my conceptual is correct. GMS mapped my conceptual model on the Structured Grid easily and quickly.

I am now wondering what reason could be for this issue that I cannot map my conceptual model on 3D UGrid (Unstructured Grid). Maybe it is GMS bug for USG MODFLOW.

Thanks once again for your time.


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