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Problems with PTM


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Hi all

I have been trying to run a simple PTM run to test it's capabilities. First I tried forcing the particles with outputs from a CMS-FLOW simulation I completed recently. While I followed the documentation as closely as I could, and was confident that I had set everything up correctly, the model would not run, and kept giving the following error message:

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

I thought that perhaps the problem was with using the CMS-FLOW outputs, so I tried to force the particles with outputs from the ADCIRC tutorial simulation. Again, after setting up the model I received the same error. I have tried a number of variations on the model setup: different time steps, with and without particle sources/traps, etc. I also downloaded and installed the latest model exe updates, without success.

If someone could provide any insight on whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether there is a bug in the model it would be much appreciated.



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When I have seen this error in the past it is usually due to one of the following errors in the PCF file:

* An incorrect / missing filename listed for grid, flow file, etc.

* Time problems - the hydrodynamic solution doesn't have enough data for the PTM simulation duration specified

You can look at the PCF file in any text editor (notepad, VIM, etc.). Scan it and see if anything looks incorrect.

If that doesn't solve it, would you mind submitting your files to technical support?


- John

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