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Exporting standard mf2k text files

Dave O

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I am in receipt of GMS files which I need to import into another modeling platform. When I import from the name file provided, I get an error message stating "This model was created by GMS using HD5 Database technology. This model cannot be properly imported. You should contact the author of the model and ask them to export a version of the model in standard MODFLOW (mf2k) format." I have made this request of the model author and they claim to be unaware of any way to export the model in standard MODFLOW format, as per the error message guidance. He is "willing to if we can tell him how." Can anyone help me with the proper commands to export a set of standard mf2k text files from GMS, since the model authors are apparently very uncurious as how to proceed?

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If he goes into MODFLOW -> Global Options, he can find a checkbox labelled "Save native text copy."  If he checks that and then runs MODFLOW again, he should get the native files in the MODFLOW_text folder associated with the project.


Hope that helps!

Save native text copy.JPG

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