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HDF5 and Windows Vista


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I use an ASUS X80L with 2 GB memory and Windows Vista, but loading and saving medium a sized MODFLOW model takes about 50 minutes used by h5repack. My impression is that similar hardware with XP is much faster. If I try HD5 version 5-1.8.1 the model is loaded in a few minutes (but cannot be saved any more). Any suggestions?

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Tom Moreland did some tests. Here is what he found:

I did a few tests using our existing h5repack.exe and the latest h5repack.exe (v5-1.8.1) from the HDF group. I used a sample project with a MODFLOW .h5 file about 5 MB in size. It looks like v5-1.8.1 is faster than our current version, and the speed difference is especially noticeable for Vista. Overall, Vista is a drag on performance when considering that the desktop with Vista has a much faster processor than my laptop with XP.

System				OS		h5repack (v. ??)	h5repack (v.5-1.8.1)
Desktop Quad Core 2.66 GHz Vista 13 sec 2 sec
Laptop Dual Core 1.67 GHz XP 4 sec 1 sec


Tom Moreland

Aquaveo Technical Support Manager

The GMS developers are looking into using the new version of h5repack.

- John

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Our apologies if you were ever under the impression that GMS 6.5 was supported on Vista. If you look at the system requirements page (http://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/System_Requirements) in the GMS documentation you will notice the following statement regarding Windows Vista:

Windows Vista supported in GMS 7.0, SMS 10.0, WMS 8.1 and greater versions only.

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