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ADCIRC: tau0 =-3 or -4 options


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We got version ADCIRC version 47.20 with SMS 10.0.6. According to the most recent ADCIRC documentation at www.adcirc.org this version has the tau0 = -3/-4 options for automatic Tau0 assignment. however these options require the specification of Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax on the line following Tau0 in the fort.15 file. when I try to specify tau0 = -3 or -4 and include Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax on the following line, SMS 10.0.6 will not read my fort.15 file. If I leave out Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax from the fort.15 (using -3 or -4 for tau0) ADCIRC crashes upon reading the fort.15.

I can get the Tao0 = -3/-4 options to work with SMS if I first load the fort.15 file without the Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax line, then edit my fort.15 to include the Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax line, then run ADCIRC. It's not too much trouble but I think it should be addressed. SMS needs to provide users the ability specify Tau0FullDomainMIN and Tau0FullDomainMax from within the SMS ADCIRC interface.

also, If I try to run ADCIRC after loading my fort.14 but before loading my fort.15 SMS trashes my fort.15 file :o . Good thing I made a copy of it before trying that one.

Have a nice day,


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