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Water-Level Residuals

Bruce Campbell

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Hi -- I'm having trouble getting all of the water level residuals out of a multi-layer transient MODFLOW model in GMS 10.3.8. I need to get the residuals out layer-by-layer. For instance, in the surficial layer of the model, I have 224 observation points but the number of water levels associated with each point varies. There may be only 1 water level with a observation point or there may be 100's of water levels with another observation point over a period of time simulated by the model. When I go through the Plot Wizard, I can get one residual per observation point but can't see a way to get multiple residuals for the observation points with more than one one water level.  Most likely I'm missing something.

I can get all of the water level residuals in the PEST output, however, PEST renames the observation points and seems to jumble them up. I'm working with about 20,000 water levels in this case. I've tried sorting and data base queries but there are many duplicate water levels and this hasn't worked.  

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi Bruce,

can I ask you if you find out the solution for this issue? I am having probably very similar problem:

I have observation values from different piezometers for which varies the filter depth. Different filterdepths falls into different modelling layers, therefore I look for solution how to obtain the residuals for some observation piezometers from first layer, for different ones from second layer and so on.

So far I obtain in GMS always only one residual, and I am neither sure from which layer it is.... Do you, or anyone else have suggestion how to solve this problem?

Thank you

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