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SWMM Capabilities / Support ? - WMS 10.1


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What are the WMS SWMM capabilities? I am using WMS 10.1.17.

It appears basic functionality such as time series and rain gage selection and modification is absent. Is that the case?

I have found a few forum posts regarding SWMM (a few, not many). One (below) states there is a SWMM tutorial in the WMS learning center. When I looked, I could not find it. Actually, I can find very little on the use of SWMM with WMS. It seems WMS support in the version I have available is pretty much pulling in data from SWMM input files (*.inp) and possibly exporting data to those files as well. Is there any SWMM engine support?

I'm not sure if something is right in front of me that I am missing or maybe SWMM support has been largely dropped with SWMM 5.1 introduction. That would be very disappointing as I'd really like WMS as a SWMM GUI.

Any and all information and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!



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EPA-SWMM support has not been dropped from WMS, but the tutorial is not available online for various reasons.  You should be able to request the tutorial by contacting tech support directly or by going to the WMS tutorials page on xmswiki.com.  WMS is useful for pulling data into WMS and converting the data to a schematic that can be used to export a SWMM model.  It's also useful for running hydrology and linking hydrology results to a SWMM model as described in the tutorial.  It does not have a full interface to EPA-SWMM (you can't enter all the SWMM time series information in WMS, for example) and SWMM cannot be run directly from WMS.  You export an EPA-SWMM .inp file from WMS and then read this file into SWMM.  Then you can finish setting up your model in SWMM.  SWMM has an interface that's fairly easy to use once you have your basic model schematic set up.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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