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ascii data (*.dat) files and generic mesh (*.2dm) in SMS10.0.6


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Has the format for the generic ascii data files and/or 2d mesh files changed since SMS 9.0?

I have a number of fortran codes and matlab scripts etc. which I use to read and produce files in SMS's generic *.2dm and *.dat (ascii) formats so that I can view and edit data for non-SMS hydrodynamic models (such as EFDC). however since I upgraded to 10.0.6 today SMS will not read my *.dat files which contain both scalar and vector data. when I try to open a *.dat file after opening my *.2dm mesh I get an error that says:

"Error: ND card before object was defined (line5)"

I don't know what this means my *.dat files don't have any ND cards, the ND cards are in my *.2dm file. I am able to open my *.2dm files, however I get a message that says:

"Some material properties values were missing. They will be defaulted for the model to run correctly."

I cannot find any information on the format of these files (*.2dm and *.dat) in the SMS 10.0.6 online help like what I was able to find in the SMS 9.0 and 8.1 offline help.

anyone else use these generic ascii files? are you having the same problem?

Thanks, Nate

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