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can i add a new layer with different extent


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Yes.  However, if it is bigger than the current extent, you will have to expand the overall grid and then inactivate the cells outside of the current extent in your current layer.

You can cut the layer using the grid tools and then change the extent of the second layer as necessary by inactivating cells beyond whatever extent you are looking for.  You can do a lot of this by making a boundary polygon for each layer (see the GMS tutorials).

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It just splits the layer.  The only thing that makes it "below" would be the top and bottom elevations.  Make the original top and bottom elevations into 2-D data sets and replace them as the top and bottom elevations for the appropriate layers.  (This method *should* be in the tutorials, but I don't know for sure.  Make a 2D grid that matches the 3D grid, then go into the elevations matrix and create a 2D data set from the layer elevation.) 


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