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SMS 10.0.6 problem reading fort.63


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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post an SMS bug, if not, what is? anyway, here it is:

I just started using SMS 10.0.6 today for some ADCIRC modeling.

I've found that SMS 10.0.6 cannot read a fort.63 (or fort.64) file from an ADCIRC simulation that crashed before it's written all the global output it expected to.

I get an error that says "failed to load correctly"

I believe SMS 10.0.6 is trying to read past the end-of-file.

This is probably because it reads NDSETSE (the first integer on line 2 in the fort.63) and expects to find more records than are actually in the file (note: NDSETSE is calculated and written to fort.63 at the beginning of the run before the run knows it's gonna crash. therefore if the run crashes before TOUTFGE, NDSETSE is wrong!). I can trick SMS 10.0.6 into reading the file by changing the NDSETSE value to something less than or equal to the actual number of records in the file. However, this is not a trival task with a large fort.63/64

I find it extremely important to be able to visualize output from hydrodynamic simulations that have crashed because it helps me figure out what is causing the crash and how to fix it.

this should be an easy fix. I never had this problem using SMS8.1 or SMS9.0 and I've had lots of ADCIRC runs crash.



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Hi John,

I sent an example set of files to support@aquaveo.com for you.

Here's what I did to cause the problem:

1) I open the fort.14 with SMS 10.0.6 (using: File | open)

2) switch to geographic coordinates because SMS 10.0.6 tells me to and won't open the fort.15 until I do so.

(this shouldn't be necessary, the fort.15 file for ADCIRC has an ICS variable to tell it if it should use spherical(geographic) coordinates or Cartesian coordinates, couldn't SMS just read this and automatically change to the correct coordinate system). open fort.15.

3) run ADCIRC

4) after ADCIRC has written a few records to the fort.63 and fort.64 hit the "Abort" button

5) try to open the fort.63 or fort.64



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