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SEAWAT in Modflow-NWT


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I set up a SEAWAT model for my model to account salt intrusion. My model is quite similar to the Aquaveo tutorial except I did not have an initial concentration and head values like in the tutorial. I used my steady state modflow heads as the initial heads and made up salt concentrations along coastline. However, my model runs very quickly and does not produce heads or concentrations and provides following message. Only difference in my model vs tutorial one is technically my model run in Modflow-NWT. Is this a problem? Would you please let me know?


In addition my model has concentrations in mg/L (I set it up this way because there are other concentrations to be run in here later).





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Update about this situation. Aquaveo technical assistance confirmed that SEAWAT in GMS is compatible only for modflow2000.

In modflow-NWT and modflow2005 there is a package for saline intrusion (SWI2 under additional packages) but its more 2D and is not as sophisticated as SEAWAT.

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