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SMS Scatter Set Merge Internal Boundary / Voids

Gary Kimball

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I have merged two scatter sets and there are thin holes (internal boundaries) within the merged product, near the boundary where the two scatter sets intersect.  I can reduce the number of voids by reducing the duplicate points tolerance, in the scatter set options, but I still have approximately 100 voids using the smallest tolerance that will run.  I cannot re-triangulate because I have many long triangles representing a roadway embankment, which were created from a 3D Polygon Shapefile convert to Tin.  These long triangles and roadway embankiment definition will be lost by triangulate. 

I have attached a plot showing a portion of the internal boundary created (boundary lines in blue).

Anyone else had issues with holes/internal boundaries within merged scatter sets?  Any advice on how to remove a large # of these.  I likely can had delete points at the boundary but it will take a long time.

Thank you for any guidance,


SMS Merge Scatter Internal Boundary.pdf

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