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Sediment Materials Layer: How does Armoring Work?


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Hi all,

 Is anyone familiar with how armoring is represented  in SRH-2D between two different sediment distributions? The Wiki help page hinted that the calculation is possible with the following statement but nothing more: 

"For gravel bed rivers the upper layer can represent a coarse surface armor and the deeper layer is the subsurface gradation"

 The armoring mechanism is an essential part to the river I am working with so I would be prefer to stay away from saying that it operates in a  "black box". Any input on where to look or how it may work would be great!



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"Armoring is part of the modeling results. For example, if 5 size classes are chosen, only the first 3 finer classes are eroded under certain conditions and the two coarser ones are not movable based on the selected sediment transportation equation."

This quote was directly from Dr. Yong Lai (creater of the program) in an email I had sent to him. However, shortly after  I ended up not needing to worry about this mechanism as we were able to obtain a singular representative gradation curve for the modeling site.

Hope this may help any who come across this in the future!

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