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CleanDam not clearing dams


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I am having a problem with my WMS 10.1.17 where when I run the CleanDam tool and accept changes, but the resultant grid still has depressions.  It isn't readily apparent until I run a GSSHA simulation and look at the ponding.  When I turn on digital dams in display properties I get no display of digital dams, however when I look at the flow directions with my depth grid, I can plainly see all four arrows pointing inward and a pond.  I turn on elevations display values which confirms the flow directions honor the elevation file.  I have tried running CleanDam externally from WMS as well with no luck.

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Sorry it took so long to respond to this problem. The problem with Cleandam is that it does not always automatically fix all the "digital dams" in your elevation grid. However, cleandam does a good job of fixing most of the digital dams.  Your easiest option is probably to fix what cleandam gave you by manually adjusting the elevations of the cell with the problem in WMS until the digital dam goes away.

There is an ""official" gsshawiki.com help page that describes the process and problems with the cleandam program in WMS.  The page is located here.

I will mention that this page is a little outdated because it mentions that there are options to "tweak digital dams" and to "smooth grid (TOPAZ)" in the GSSHA menu.  These menu options no longer exist.  I should probably update the page to describe the process of using TOPAZ (or TauDEM) to smooth the grid if you desire to do this.  It is a lengthy process that I won't describe here.  If you do decide to run TOPAZ, I can provide the steps, but realize that the result might not necessarily be what you want as described on the gsshawiki.com help page linked above.


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Thanks for the explanation.  I knew that sometimes, after a certain about of iterations, clean dam could not clear all depressions and I would indeed have to manually adjust.  However for this case the Cleandam program was reporting that all dams were cleared and I have no black dots on my grid.  Only after running GSSHA did I notice erroneous ponding and after viewing blue flow direction arrows did I discover that some depressions were still there.  I just was wondering if that was a bug.

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