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Hello all,

I am working with a MODFLOW model that focuses around a coastal aquifer system. My model extends past the coastline into the ocean to simulate submarine groundwater discharge and coastal springs. I am trying to analyze the amount of water flowing out of the aquifer along the coastline, but my values are inconsistent. I set the subaerial aquifer as one zone and the ocean floor as another zone. Then I went into the Flow Budget to see the flow from Zone 1 to 2.  However, when I select the arc of the coastline, the "COMPUTED FLOW" value at the bottom strip displays a completely different value. Is there a reason why the values are so different? Do they represent different flows?

Thank you,



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Hi bokuhata,

I assume you have maped a general head boundary (GHB) at the coastline. When you select an arc representing this boundary you see, in the tooltip area of GMS, a flow across this boundary to/from an external reservoir. On the other hand, the Zone flow in Zonebudget is the flow between the two zones in the model. From this you see it has to be different.

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