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I have a 2D detailed geological cross section (attached), say in x-z direction, which can be assumed valid along the y-direction. The plot is in tif format (a raster image). Importing this image to GMS will show only, of course, as an x-y plot, which is not helpful for our purposes. I would like to create a solid by using GMS. One tedious idea is to create bore hole logs-based on this cross section and go from there. Is there an easier way to do that? 


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Hi Aly,

I think there is no straight forward way to do this in GMS. I would suggest the following procedure:

1. Create the profile as a regular 3d grid with high enough resolution to carry the material information (1 row, many columns, many layers)

2. Export your grid into a text file with the following format:

Cell_id		X		Y		Z

Y coordinate should be constant for all cells.

3. Swap Y<->Z

4. Import into GIS

5. Digitize the material polygons in GIS in X-Y space

6. Select the cell centers according to the material polygon and asign material ID into a new column in the atribute table (spatial join)

7. Export the atribute table into a text file

8. Copy the material column into a new file and format the new file as GMS 3d dataset format (see GMS wiki for details)

9. Import the new material dataset to the existing 3d grid

10. Select cells in GMS according to the material dataset and specify material properties as you like


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