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Scatter - Disjointed vertices


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I get a message about the scatter having disjointed vertices when running model. The mesh surface looks fine and the elevations are within the expected range. However,  the water surface everywhere except right at the inlet gives an elevation of -999.0. I have a constant elevation as my downstream boundary condition and two peak flow inlets. I assume it must be a problem with the downstream boundary but no success yet.

Any ideas from the experts?



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As you are to the point of running the model and already have a mesh created, the scatter set won't have any influence on the model since the elevations from the scatter were a piece of the mesh building process. The main thing you would want to verify is that if the scatter set does have problems, those problems have not been transferred to the mesh. If you review your mesh  and all looks good, then the -999 values for the WSEs likely are caused by something else. You could review the materials coverage to make sure you have materials polygons covering the entire extents of the mesh and that those polygons have a material type other than "unassigned" that have been assigned to them. Aside from the materials, the only other thing I can think of is that the model possibly needs to be ran for a longer duration of time? Let us know!


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