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Non-vertical boreholes to preexisting XS2D profile


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Dear Forum,

I am attempting to add non-vertical boreholes to a preexisting XS2D profile using the tool in the XS2D editor but I haven´t had any luck so far.  If someone could detail a simple workflow for this task that would be greatly appreciated.

The tool help information indicates the following: 

  • The feature classes should be in the same feature dataset.
  • The XS2D_Catalog should be set up previously with a XS2D Line feature class, and an XS2DType of "Boreline" for the SectionLine the tool is working off of.
  • The tool works off of a selection set of Well features near the SectionLine feature used in running the tool.

With respect to the second point, my question is how to create a second Boreline XS2DType in the XS2D_Catalog that allows for entry of azimuth and dip data, in addition to the first Boreline XS2DType for the already existing vertical wells. One thing I tried to do was copy the Boreline Type and then add fields for azimuth and dip so as to later import this data through the text importer, but the application didn´t let me add fields.

The other thing I tried to do was to generate 3d borelines in ArcScene according to the "Non-Vertical Boreholes" tutorial (which I was able to do) and then import the feature class to the same feature dataset from where I had generated the XS2D profile (according to point #1) so as to later generate the non-vertical boreholes in the same profile, but the application did not allow me to import stating that the coordinate system did not coincide (although it does).

Any advice on how to carry out this procedure is very welcome



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