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SMS - Culvert Modeling Error

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When attempting to model a culvert, I get an error condition I don't recognize:

Stopped in structure_culvert.f90 ICELL eror#5

   Error Code is: 40589

I am not sure if this is an error within HY-8 or within SRH-2D.  And the error code - is that referring to a cell ID? 



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Here's the cell causing the error:


image.thumb.png.994e631dbb5e982321f5ef4d3eaaf70d.pngHere's the


culvert information:



The BC arc's are just off of the steep rise in the mesh due to road fill - screen shot of inlet:




And, as far as I can tell, every cell the inlet is over has a z value of less than 330.5, which is what the inlet invert is set to.






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What I meant by it linking to nodes is if you turn on snap preview through display option, or shift q, You can see which element faces it is linking to. Not sure if that is the problem you are getting here though, but still good to check. I got that same error when my culvert arc was not long enough to link to a face. Snap preview will definitely help you see that.

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One thing I notice is that the reported Max TW in the error message is 108.21 and the culvert definition inverts are defined as ~330. This is roughly about the conversion of meters to feet. Is there a chance that your mesh projection and display projection are set to meters for the vertical unit?

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Thanks for checking that. SRH-2D will interpret the geometry in SI units if the horizontal projection unit is in meters. So what I believe is happening is that SRH is interpreting the ~330 ft mesh elevations as 330 meters and the TW values are much much higher than the 330 ft values in the HY8 table. 

I would recommend making your horizontal and vertical units consistent by using the "Reproject All" function to convert all your horizontal units to feet or all your vertical units to meters, whichever one fits the situation. After doing that you should be ok to run SRH and even raise your timestep back up.


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It comes down to failing at the first timestep to produce flow on the other side of the culvert, with the flow elevation (TW elevation) being higher on that first wet cell than what is allowed in the 'Reverse HY8 Tables'? 


Edit: Calberts, just saw your post.  Will try that.


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